(Free)RADIUS Front-End

Hi all.

I haven’t been in the space in yonks, but I’m having to look into it for an acquisition.

What’s the latest on front-end panels for RADIUS, specifically, FreeRADIUS?

I fumbled around with Daloradius some years back, but mainly to manage some pfSense captive portals for guest wi-fi VLAN’s at the office.

I found these chaps who make some basic comparisons between themselves and what is out there:

Grateful to get feedback, on- and off-list, about what folk are doing with this tech. nowadays. Enterpri$e options are welcome too, but essentially, we are just looking for an easy on-premise (no cloud, please; I consider RADIUS critical network infrastructure) pretty GUI system that can make the engineers, NOC, provisioning and billing teams happy; and especially, the customers, of course. I don’t trust myself with Google to avoid snake oil in my search :-). All help appreciated. Thanks. Mark.