Frame Relay encap vis-a-vis point-to-point at UUNET

Thus spake Chris Fairbanks

Well, UUnet does terminate T3s into the Cascades. One of our T3s happens to
go to UUnet and it is into one of their Cascades at PAIX. It is currently
only a fraction circuit. From talking with their installer, they only plug
you directly into one of their routers if the circuit is 15mb or higher.

Well, that's a general guideline that they use...just turned up a 12mb
circuit and its straight into a router...however, we've been customers
of UU.Net for quite some time and they looked at our usage on our T1
circuits with them and realized that when we get a circuit, we *use* it,
so they made the decision to put us directly on a router port in
anticipation of us actually using the bandwidth.

Incidentally, we're straight into the router port and still using f/r
encap. I'm not really sure of the reasoning behind this, but
apparently, the edict came down from on high that all new turn-ups would
use frame-relay encap...even if straight into a router port. *shrug*


We just turned up a UUNet multimeg connection and we got a direct router
connection with hdlc encapsulation. Sounds like they're doing a great job
of having a consistant policy :slight_smile: