Foundry MRP cohabit with STP


We are deploying a network using MRP of Foundry (Metro Ring Protocol of Brocade now) and STP (in this case Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol-802.1W). The problem is that in some networking segment, we must enable both of protocols in the same interfaces and vlans for the correct function of our network. By the way, as MRP and STP are 2 protocols of loop prevention, the devices of Brocade force us choosing and activating just one among them that not our intention.

Anybody has the same situation of some experiences in this case: how to make coexist these two protocols. (MRP and STP).

Best thanks,

Viet Ton.


You cannot enable MRP and STP on the same physical interface, but you can enable MRP on a specific interface and STP on another, the only issue is MRP and STP are using the CPU, so if you loose a hello packet you may have some network instability.



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MRP and STP are configured under VLAN, same physical interface tagged
with different VLANs can participate both MRP and STP in different
VLAN, if you are asking MRP and STP under the same VLAN, that is not a
valid configuration, think about it, what if MRP wants to block an
interface but STP wants the same interface to forward traffic?