FOSS WAN Acceleration Software

I was wondering if anyone had experience or could recommend free open source
WAN Accelerators/Optimizers. There seems to be only one FOSS project called
TrafficSqueezer but development has stopped and the project is still in an
Alpha stage.

I am not interested in the offerings of Cisco (WAAS) or Riverbed (StealHead)
or any other appliance based solution.

Thank-you in advance for any and all replies.

With some private replies I got a few leads. Most of which are not generic
wan accellerators but still appreciated. The two I considered:

TrafficSqueezer: still in alpha stage but performs both compression and flow

WANProxy: only does compression, but is slightly more "polished"

Thanks to all that replied.


Should you use an IPSec implementation like Free/Open Swan between your sites, you can try to enable compression on your tunnels.


While not FOSS, supposedly Cisco routers with reasonably current IOS releases have RBSCP support which hints at acting in this capacity. I've wanted to test it since the majority of our networks are over satellite, but most of the modems we use have WAN acceleration built in and thus the need to try RBSCP has been low.

If you try it and it works I'd be interested to hear your results.

Ryan Wilkins