Force10 Gear - Opinions

Subject: Force10 Gear - Opinions

Does anyone here have real-world experience with Force 10 gear
(Specifically their E-Series and C-Series)? They came and did their
whole dog and pony show today, but I wanted to get real-world feedback
on their gear.

I was at a customer site doing a NAC deployment study recently ( <6 months ago) and there was some Force10 edge gear in place. We had to drop the Force10 gear out of the picture because it didn't support any of the rich features that we needed to get NAC up and running.

The customer was perfectly happy with the ability of the stuff to pass packets and act as a not-very-smart edge switch, and hadn't evaluated the feature set for anything beyond that.

My conclusion was that if you want to use it at the edge to pass a lot of packets at 'enterprise' line rates and don't care about anything else (we were looking at good 802.1X support with ACLs and all of the other miscellaneous bits that make NAC work, YMMV) then it seems to be fine per this customer's experience. If you want something with a stronger feature set for future expansion, there seem to be other companies that have more experience.

In David Newman's test of 10G edge switches
(Network World | From the data center to the edge)
Force10 elected not to participate, which is often telling.


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