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Good for a few meters at best? Terahertz is blocked by air.


Turn up the Tx power a bit and you'll have a nice little heater too.

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The higher the frequency, the more it acts like light. at that frequency,
it wouldn't take much to block it. even 2.4GHz is stopped by a tree.

I had my suspicions. :blush:

2.4GHz is only stopped by a tree because the FCC EIRP limit for point to
multipoint gear is 4 watts or 36dbm. If you turn the power up high enough
2.4GHz will easily go through trees and other objects. It's a regulatory
limit, not a physics limit :wink:


So you're saying, with enough power, line of sight will be least of any organic obstacles? :slight_smile:

Never has the phrase "It burns when IP" been more accurate.