Followup: Inexpensive Telephone Conference Bridge System

Thank you all for the responses. I got about 35 reponses and 34 of them
strongly suggested as an open-source linux-based solution
that will work with either 4-port POTs PCI cards or 1- or 4-port T1
PCI cards.

Also recommended were Turn-key solutions at

So as the followup, does anyone know of a "widget" that will allow me to
take 24 POTs lines in and spit out a channelized T1 line? Because of the
bureaucracy of the univerisity, it is very easy to get get POTs lines
(even in large quantities) and set them up in a hunt group and not easy at
all to get a T1 drop.

Thanks again for all the commends.

Robert Hayden
Senior Network Engineer and bottle washer
University of Wisconsin Madison