Fog Bank in a co-locate

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Sean Donelan said:

So, with that in mind, here is one person's opinion on a good comprise
set of environmental parameters for a data/telco/isp co-locate space.


Monitoring and alarms on same --24x7 make that 48x14. CLUEFUL response.

Now RH can likely do without alarms but temp, several places.

(I recall at NASA LeRC, Plant Protection got a temp alarm for the
building one weekend. Came in walked around. OK.

They skipped badging into the computer room... the one with one
Cray, one only-one-made special dual 370-3033, one 3800 laser
printer (15,000 lines/min) with small 370 as spooler, 5 VAX-780's
and 40+ PDP-11/34's...

Monday it was 120F when the early shift arrived.

By some miracle, total loss was 2 power supplies.)