Flowspec IPv6


I’ve been fiddling with JunOS to enable Flowspec IPv6. According to the docs, it was implemented in 16.x. I’ve tried to set it up in vRR and vMX in the 20.x train. Everything commit just fine, I get the inetflow.0 for IPv4 but inet6flow.0 is not appearing.

I already have a JTAC case (now escalated to ATAC) but I am looking for plan B.

Has anyone implemented Flowspec v6? I was thinking about FRRouting but I wanted to get some feedback from the community before spending more hours into this.


Hi Eric,

with no v6 fs rules, the table inet6flow.0 stay hidden. Try to make any.


I just configured this a few days ago on a mx960 running 18.4R3.
This was traffic redirection into a routing-instances so i do not know if it matches your setup.
But i can confirm that it is working in my setup.


Turns out the apply-group isn’t working for v6 rules.

ATAC made me replicate the same rule directly under routing-options and inet6flow.0 appeared and I can see my rule populated now.

FYI I’m running vRR 20.4R1-S1.2