flow generating tool


I need a tool that generates traffic flows from different source IP addresses for network tests.


Naiden Dimitrov
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Iperf is a good start


Would be interested in any other tools as well.

Thank you for the response, but this is a tool that examines data flows. I need a tool that generates data flows in order to test network equipment.


Naiden Dimitrov

Sorry I missed your context. YAF will generate flows (which is what I
thought you were asking) as it sees packets stream by, but it sounds
like you want something that puts traffic on the wire.

An old standby is:


and of course there are commercial options. Not sure how up to date
this is, but there are quite a few options listed here:


---George Jones

Perhaps not a tool as in software, but clearly something that you might want
to have a look at :

Ixia and Spirent devices ... Those are mostly used for applications like
generating different kind of traffic.

Erik Bais

Another commercial tool (for large-scale application re-creation) is the Mu
Studio Performance Suite from Mu Dynamics:


The venerable mgen (http://cs.itd.nrl.navy.mil/work/mgen/) is another good option, provided you don't want lots of bandwidth.
It has some flexibility in scripting the flows it creates.


If you are looking to automate any of your testing, +1 Ixia if the box
is using the Agilent OS/Interface (I forget how they are marketing it
now). In regards to automation, I recently heard the Spirent
interface was quite handy for generating scripts from GUI
interactions, but I have not used it myself.



Linux pktgen.


you might also try D-ITG http://www.grid.unina.it/software/ITG/index.php


If a software based solution is OK, check out IxChariot, endpoints can be Windows, Linux, OS X, and Solaris. Used it years ago and was happy with it.