Flemming posts (*F)

After adding the .procmailrc entry which someone was so kind as to send to
the list last week, I have fortunately not had to read a single word of
Jim Flemming's. (My /dev/null keeps complaining what a raving loon he is,
but I've /dev/null'ed mail from my /dev/null, too. Of course, my CPU
usage is at 100%, and I'm not even running NT, but I digress.)

Anyway, Nirvana still awaits, because I still from time to time open a
letter from someone responding to Jim Fleming, and are therefore subjected
to his lunacy (although much scaled back) as these poor souls continue to
play windmill to his Rocinante's rear.

Therefore, I make a small request. If you're engaged in a discussion with
Jim Fleming, or responding to him, or talking about him, could you please
place the "WARNING: FLEMING-RELATED MESSAGE" sticker on the end of your
subject line? In ascii, it's rendered thusly:


This message has been so tagged for demonstration purposes.

Again, thanks to the kind soul who contributed the .procmailrc line, and
thanks in advance to the new participants in the Jim Fleming Warning