I have some problems with peaks on my mrtg, therefore I went to list archives on mrtg,org, and saw what's available.
Then I found out that there is some script called flattengraph.pl, which I believe could help me
with the situation. However this program is not available anymore and I cannot find and download it anywhere.
So if some good soul will give me a link, or send me the file, I will be really grateful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

While it is entirely possible that someone on NANOG has this script, or has a pointer to a download location, you would probably be better off checking on the MRTG mailing list.



I would suggest looking at Killspike. Works wonders in Cacti (A mtrg based

Good luck,

-Tim Eberhard


Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but AFAIR killspike works with rrdtool, while i need to do magic on an old mrtg log format.

My apologies you are correct. AFAIK killspike only works on rrdtool based
set ups. If you have to use the old mrtg log system then it wouldn't help
you in this case.

If you were using MRTG with rrdtool you wouldn't have any issues however.
Not sure if it's possible in your deployment but this might help you.

Good luck, sorry to lead you astray.

-Tim Eberhard