Fixing RFC's WAS Re: SMURF amplifier block list

Scott wrote:

There are a number of RFCs that it would be good to update (I'd point to
1122 & 1123 before RR) but it takes someone with lots of time and energy
to take on one of these big ones - if you know of someone who is willing
to do the work and has the time a number of us on the IESG would love to

It's also worth noting that the editors of RFC's 1122, 1123, and 1812
(as well as many others, I'm sure) keep lists of items that have
changed since their publication and should be revisitted.

As such, when issues come up, having someone drop the relevent editors
a note is a good plan (though they don't need to receive 20,000 emails).

In this particular case, the editors in question are certainly aware.