Fixing .com DNS glue records - who to contact?

//Hi, William!

    A glue record for a .com domain ( is wrong, and I'm
    running into a brick wall trying to get it fixed.
    Do I need to switch to a more clueful registrar than GoDaddy**?
    Contact Network Solutions?
    Have I screwed up the domain's bind config? Everything looks right
    when I _dig_ around the authoritative NS*..
    I futzed with the record (deleted and re-added as
    an authoritative NS (nameserver(s))), and the glue became correct
    for several days ( even reported all was well) AND

<digs showing correct results from my server and the wrong results from a gTLD server snipped>
Yup, just as I kept saying to GoDaddy: The glue in the parent servers is wrong.

So the answer is that you need to make sure your own dns server "A"
record for "" matches glue record entered with registrar.

Right, but the registrar wasn't being cooperative. I've changed glue records with other registrars before (self-service - just fill in the IP next to the name). I even remember emailing changes to NSI, back when that was the procedure), but changing one with GoDaddy has proven, erm, difficult.

As far as what is going to be used by global dns, it would be glue
record that you set with registrar (ok - its supposed to, but its
not always true depending how caching dns server is written).

BTW - when doing check make certain to use "+norecurse"

Ok... I'd be surprised if a gTLD server did a recursive query if asked.

            I have tested your site and everything is resolving
            properly. This error message you are getting is not on our

If the record you wanted for glue is and godaddy did not
fix it, then I suggest you find more cluefull registrar support person.

Ok, third time is a charm, I hope. You'd think even the level 1 folks would be trained to use or something like it. (Boy, thanks to the folks providing it!) Note that I did specifically ask: "Please have this issue reviewed by someone technical - someone who knows what DNS glue is" and even included links to a definition,,...

    Thank you for contacting customer support. I have looked into this
    situation and found that the domain name in question is not hosted
    with us. This being the case you may wish to speak with your
    hosting provider regarding the "glue" situation.

The above is a red flag that the godaddy's "customer service representative"
has no idea what "glue" means. Escalate to the real tech support.

Yup. I did get a good laugh out of the comment.