Fire Code/UFC Regs?

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

Now what I'm asking is this: we were told that you can NOT plug in breaker
protected six outlet strips into battery backup units such as APCs, and we
were (or are) being written up for that. My understanding is that most/all
(atleast APC units) are properly de-rated (per UFC) and you *can* plug in
additional breaker protected extension cords into these units.

There's an Urban Legend about plugging such into UPSi; it will burn
out the UPS, cause forest fires, bring down Western Civilization,

[There's a long hypothisis as to the {small} pieces of truth
behind same, but I'm not buying...]

I suggest you get on the horn to APC Monday and ask them; they
are sure to have run into this if it's not a local invention...