Finding useful/pertinent IP reallocation WHOIS info

Thanks to all who responded privately off-list.

What I was looking for:

..which wasn't exactly intuitive from the main page:

Also, I liked the alternative suggestion of:

  telnet 4321
  <enter dotted quad or other item of interest>

..however, one thing that I didn't mention in my original
post is that what I was looking for was a _simple_ method
for our staff to use which didn't require a maze of thought
challenges (or a Captain Midnight Decoder Ring) -- something
they could just point a web broswer at and find correct
contact information for IP reallocation data. Unfortunately,
everyone in a particluar organization has access to a CLI
WHOIS client, or even a Windoze WHOIS client that provides
detailed information with a variety of options.

Is it the case that SPAM purveyors have put us in the
unfortunate position where there isn't readily available
access to SWIP/reallocation information? What a shame.

Thanks to one and all,

- ferg