Final Stage: Early Registration Transfer Project (ERX)

Dear Colleagues,

The four Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are about to enter
the final stage of the Early Registration Transfer (ERX) project.

This project is a coordinated effort to move whois records
for address space registered before the advent of the RIRs to
the whois database of the RIR in whose region the registrant is

In this final stage of the project, whois records for registrations
within are being moved from the ARIN database. If you
operate a network in and have:

   - registration information in more than one RIR database, or
   - have a postal address that lies outside the RIR's service region

you will receive a mail regarding its registration. The mail explains
in which database we believe the registration is meant to reside. The
message also explains how to indicate which contact information should
be recorded.

You can find out more about the ERX project at the following URLs:


Paul Rendek
Head of Member Services and Communications