Filters on Class B space; is will /19 pass?

Fellow Networkers,

I have a question regarding current filtering
rules/practices on the Internet and prefix length
requirements for Class B space. I know that the ARIN
space (64/8, 66/8 etc.) must be accepted at /19 or
smaller but what about old class Bs? I have a global
organization that has a 152.x.x.x /16. I currently I
have 2 /19s out of POPs in the US and the
aggregate /16 being advertised. I would like to give
some of these /19s to other regions such as Europe,
Japan, India, ASIA etc. The carrier selection in
these regions will be different than what I have in
the US. I want to know if anyone is filtering /19s
for these networks. Any other information that I
should be aware of in this scenario would also be very
much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Curtis Staller
CCIE # 9059