Filters and reality

[Apologies for an (almost technical) post from outside NA to NANOG]


Should we continue to poke holes in our filters to let Sprint's customer's
customer routes through, or should we keep trying to explain to the Sprint
NOC why their customer's customers could use shorter prefix length

I suppose it depends on what slope you want the graph at to have. Regardless of whether
the filters are a "good idea" or not, they do tend to limit routing
table growth and its implications, if for no other reason than smaller
sites are "encouraged" to go to their providers for address space due
to fear of being filtered.


He meant:

I saw the iepg reference and made it work - either url will reach
the same page now.

I'd like to jazz it up with an exploder function which lets the viewer
magnify parts of the graph, xplot style - does anyone have any
good tools which would allow this to happen on a web page?

(reply to me - I'll summarise to the list if interest is shown)



(and no Bill, I'm not a north american this month :slight_smile: )