filtering long prefixes

By initially routing long prefixes in 206 you are the ones who have
created the mess. So, you made a mistake. Move on higher up the
chain and try again. Cutting off companies retroactively is not the
answer. You need to put filters in that cut no one off today,
but protect against growth tomorrow.

Did the threat of charging for domain names stop people from registering
domain names left and right for no apparent reason?


It seems that the only way for people to pay attention to issues like this is
to have it start affecting them one day. Then they start paying attention to
the problem, and work to correct it.

Sean is willing to correct connectivity problems on a case by case basis, as
he has mentioned in a number of his messages. He is willing to accept "cards
and letters" in the form of trouble tickets, and deal with the issues. I
consider this sufficient.