Film at 11:00

: BBN Planet appears to have helped make this happen ;-(.

Greetings and Happy New Year.

As you all noticed, BBN Planet had a bit of routing announcement
incontinence last weekend and this week. This was due to
massive configuration error [on my part- so please to toss
the rotten tomatoes my way if you feel so inclined.]

The changes were massive enough that it was hard to return
to the previous state. [Which, as we all know, wasn't very good
in the first place.] In any case, the route table is back to
approximately what it was before I touched the routers, and over
the next two weeks or so I will be clearing out more leakage-
which was my orginal intent. :confused:

Hopefully, BBN will be off the top of the criminals list by the
end of the month, at least. Any more changes to our outbound
policy will be excruciatingly examined before applying. I
apologize for the painful errors in the previously applied

Best wishes for a great year,

-Jennifer "Kobi" Roberts
BBN Planet Network Engineering