Fibre provider in Las Vegas, NV


thanks for your answers regarding fibre connectivity in Starkville, MS. Order has been placed with some of the recommended providers!

Now the same customer asked for another 1 Gbps Layer2 service from below address to CoreSite LA2 (

157 E Warm Springs Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

Hoping for some advice – who would be the best regional provider to work with? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Theo Voss

you can check it’s publicly available.

I would talk to the SWITCH NAP sales people in Las Vegas. They’re a datacenter/colo/rack and power place, but every worthwhile last mile, facilities based fiber provider in the Vegas metro area likely has a POP in their facility.

This would mean they could put you in contact with the carrier sales people at the local loop providers fairly easily.

Zayo has a lot of metro fiber in Vegas if you don’t want to go with Centurylink or Cox. Zayo sales will probably be more familiar with a layer 2 circuit than the other local business sales groups.

Alternatively you could get a local loop over to EdgeConnex and pick up PacketFabric there that can get you to LA or anywhere pretty easily and cheaply. PacketFabric may also be able to do the local loop procurement for you too.