Fibre optic patch cables in Toronto area

Hello list,

I'm looking to source some various fibre patch cables (LC to SC, 1-2M lengths) in the Toronto, Ontario area.

Could you please point me to some shops were we could drop by to pick them up?


Miguel Hernandez

‎At this time of day?

Or in general?

In general there's Ingram Micro (distributor) whom we use, not sure what retail outlets would carry them.

You could try Sayal Electronics, that'd be a good bet.

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+1 for Sayal. They've got a few locations, depending on where you are in the GTA.

It would be handy to have a list of shops in major cities that stock standard
network components available at odd hours. For Helsinki, Finland I can
recommend kiosk - the whole stock of a Fry's -size
outlet is available through a 24/7 kiosk at the ground floor. Orders
over 200 euros have to be paid in their webstore, but you can do that
with a terminal in the lobby. :slight_smile: Yes, you *can* buy 10 4T disks at
4.30 am and there is no markup on regular daytime prices whatsoever.