Fiber cuts, telcos and excavators

I have heard from the excavator community over the years. They often
point out the utilities seem to not care, and don't show up to mark
their utilities on-time. The famous telco appointment time of
between 8 and 5, if at all. The excavator is losing money for every
minute the locate marker is late, or doesn't show up at all. This
isn't a lot of profit margin in excavation. Sometimes the choice is
between not digging and definitely going out of business, or digging
and possibly going out of business.

Why is the contractor waiting around?

I'm not very familiar with how things are done in the construction
industry, but I see a lot of paint on roads and sidewalks around
here. I've seen occasional people out putting down paint without
any contractors waiting around.

I thought the standard practice was to mark the limits of the area
you want to dig in with "USA" (Underground Service Alert) and then
call the USA 800 number a few days before you want to dig there.
That gives the USA people time to contact all the utilities so they
can come out and mark the area.

I should read the fine print on a call-before-you-dig sign the next
time I get a chance.

As far as sending a big bill to the contractor. As has been pointed
out before, most excavators have the minimum insurance and few assets.
And the cynic may look at the number of contractors hired by utilities

Does it work to sue the organization that hired the contractor?
If not, why?