Fiber cuts due to flooding

Ah, the joys of fiber cuts!

Apparently the recent flash flooding in the Arizona/Nevada/Utah
tristate area (north of Las Vegas) earlier this week (Monday, Tuesday,
and Wednesday - see for
general flooding information) caused fiber cuts near Mesquite, Nevada,
and north of the Motoqua area of Utah, two separate cuts. Just the
luck, one of my circuits connects right in the middle near Motoqua
where there's a regeneration facility, so at one point, the fiber was
dark in both directions. Fortunately, my other circuits didn't rely
on that fiber. My circuit was repaired (at least in one direction)
early this morning (a little after 1:00 AM MST).

I'm curious if anyone has any additional details about who might have
been affected. I believe this is a long-haul fiber route, but I just
don't know enough about it (besides where it is located locally).
Guessing, I'd say it would contain fiber between Las Vegas (and
possibly areas of Southern California) and Salt Lake City, and/or
perhaps Denver. Any info? (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :wink:

Aaron Gifford
St. George, Utah