FIBER CUT: Between New York, NY and Philly, PA

SEAN@dra.COM (Sean Donelan) writes:

There are several reports of a fiber cut in New Jersey. Several providers
have been affected.

Amazingly this missed all of our circuits, even the backup circuits, so
I'm getting mostly third-hand information.

The fiber was some combination of Amtrack and MCI, along a railroad track
in New Jersey. A backhoe was sited in the area, but I don't have a confirmed
reason for the outage.

Several providers reported the Sprint NAP in Pensauken was isolated.
But from my experiments (LSSR is a good thing) it appears only certain
providers lost their connections to Pensauken. The NAP itself is up,
and working. I've never heard if anyone was ever succesfull in getting
more alternate fiber into the Sprint NAP, or if your choices were still
pretty limited.