[fergie-spew] RE: FW: Crews Survey Rita's Damages

I take issue with what you folks think is relative.

It's _clearly_ unbalanced, unfair, and biased.

I'm in the process of turning back up a major portion of the
state network over the next couple of days hete in texas, and
reports of network status is somehow not on-topic?

I'm thinking that NANOG is just completely FUBAR'd...

You guys can have your boys club.

As for the rest of the readership, I'm Sorry you are ending up
with a mailing list that is ruled by a select few, who have decided
that they wish to control the content of "operations".

What a damned shame.

Good bye,

- ferg

(I think I may be in a smaller group, but I don't mind the news posts
actually...and the subject tag seems like its a nice addition)