FEC (Fast Etherchannel) issues

This looks kinda like the right place for this issue, apologies if not:

Cisco NSP or the like probably would have been more appropriate.

True or False?

FEC (Fast EtherChannel) is not suibtable for router to router trunking
because of the way FEC load balances


I've heard and read in various places (although nothing conclusive) that
since FEC uses the last portion of a MAC address and hashs it to determine
which 100 meg link a packet goes. This is to prevent packets from
arriving on the other end out of order.

Only brand 'C' switches do the MAC hash thing, the routers do things with
"microflows" (unless per-packet stuff is enabled).

This would seem to suggest that FEC wouldn't work between routers or
similar layouts because there is only one MAC address on either end,
therefor packets would always go over the same link.

Yes, between a given set of routers .. if you have brand 'C' switches in the

Anybody have concrete details on this issue? Does FEC actually determine
load balancing this say? is ther another way to configure this?

Don't put switches in the middle?