fd.io vs cumulus vs snabb vs OVS vs OpenNSL


Any thought leader on the list to shed some light to what is happening
in the world of open networking ? OVS vs OpenNSL vs Cumulus vs fd.io
vs Snabb vs a lot of stuff :slight_smile:

Where is this going ? What are the obvious pros and cons of each when
it comes to scale and feature velocity ?




I currently use cumulus's software, I will then report my experience:
not production ready

You have a lot of features, with a fast development, but ..
I expect my network to be a rock solid part of my infrastructure,
especially when I am using the classic part, not the fancy ones

When I have huge stability issue with something like bgp, what can I say
but "get away from those software, it is not production-ready yet" ?

I'd be curious about specifics. We've got some Cumulus with BGP and it hasn't given us any issues. Granted, it's very vanilla with a couple of SVIs per switch and just basic IPv4 unicast and it's just a management network, but it hasn't caused us any issues that I'm aware of.

I would also be very interested in what specific issues you are having...

   - What specific issues are you having with BGP running under Cumulus
   - What hardware are you running Cumulus Linux on?
   - What version of Cumulus Linux?

   - What specific issues are you having with BGP running under Cumulus

- bgpd crashes
- bgpd loading as hell after some time (can be fixed by restarting the
process ..)
- cumulus by itself (switchd & portwd) loads as hell as well, all the
time, the hardware is under pressure all the time (which is an issue for
CPU-based stuff : monitoring, sflow etc)

   - What hardware are you running Cumulus Linux on?

5712-54X-O-AC-F from edgecore
(AI Switch – Edgecore Networks),
which has specific issues by itself as well :confused:

   - What version of Cumulus Linux?

The last one, 3.5.2


Well, 3.5.2 isn't exactly latest, there is 3.5.3, 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 also.
But I guess switchd running cpu somewhat hot is normal (40% load in empty switch or so) as it is
polling all the stuff from asic etc.
I do agree that cpus on many edgecores & dells and similar are somewhat under powered,
but haven't encountered similar problems with that (yet) myself.
Would be also very interested to hear more specifics.

I'm sorry you've had a negative experience and we should do better. Let's
start by fixing your issues.

If you are interested in chasing this down to resolution I'm 100% dedicated
to getting this solved for you off list. If you're willing I'll even report
back with what we found and how we fixed it.

- Pete, Cumulus TME

I work on Snabb and to me our most interesting application area is "the
long tail." You have a problem that you can describe on a whiteboard, but
you can't get an off-the-shelf solution for, and you want to solve it by
sitting down and writing an ordinary program in an ordinary high level
programming language. So that is what you do.

It's not necessarily *easy* but it is straight forwardly similar to the way
people write other programs in languages like