FCC workshop: Security vulnerabilities within our communications networks

Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks is holding a workshop next week, June 27, 2019, to hear from interested parties on how to address the national security threats posed by insecure equipment within our communications networks.


Panel 1: Find It – The Scope of the Problem
This panel will focus on how to identify which equipment poses a threat and where it is located.

Panel 2: Fix It – How to Ensure that Networks are Secure
This panel will consider options for fixing identified security problems, including discussion of what equipment needs to be fixed, whether replacing equipment is the best approach, or whether monitoring or other measures can be part of the solution.

Panel 3: Fund It – National Problems Require National Solutions
This panel will address questions regarding funding, including the amount required for equipment replacement and threat mitigation, pote

The agenda for the FCC network security workshop has been published.


looks like our best and brightest have the problem resolved, phew!
we're all safe now.

The success rate of most groups has been low in this area, so I' willing let new groups try.

I mostly just to keep an eye on new groups in case they do stupid things.

If they come up with a better idea, that's great. I'll take good ideas from anywere.

sure, good ideas would be nice.
I'm skeptical of the panel's members being able to actually do that in
this (and really many) case.

who knows, maybe today is the day! :slight_smile:

Not bad, only took 15 years.

NANOG: Come for the network info! Stay for the dry humor!