FCC To Require 911 for VoIP

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

> Here's one vendor: http://www.tonecommander.com/e911/How%20PBX%20ANI-LINK%20Works.htm

I think this scheme isn't going to work for VOIP.

Well, yea.. It's not.

I think that VOIP phones will either ultimately be exempted, or required
to have GPS (or triangulation or some other scheme)

...that might work....sometimes...

Or maybe we'll just start to see red phones next to the fire-alarm boxes.

Alas, Gamewell fire boxes are all but dead. I don't know of any
city still running them. Too bad, because it was a dirt-simple
technology that Just Plain Worked. Looks like they were first
deployed in the 1850's.

Oops; NYC may still have some:
And if http://plaws.net/fire/list.shtml is accurate, much of
Mass. Hmm.

OT explantion: There was a loop from the fire alarm office around
the city {or fraction thereof}, through each box, and back to
the office. One end had +130v {or so}; the other had -130.

When you pulled a box, it split the loop in half, and grounded
both halves in a sequence set on a spring-driven wheel ("3 2 5
PAUSE 3 2 5"). Think of that as the static IP address...

At the office, 2 pen registers recorded the loop current.

If two boxes (say 325 and 326) got pulled; 325 showed on the
one chart, 326 on the other.

We might have them still in wide use today if not for social
changes; the false-alarm rate is many times higher than voice
calls, and most departments gave up.

I think there are NANOG lessons in there. Sometimes, a less than
100% optimal technology is good enough to outlast many a "newer
better faster sexier" one...

I believe that there's a chance Westwood MA might still have some; they
hadn't yanked them out yet by 1981 when I moved.

-- jra