FCC To Require 911 for VoIP

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

No to nit picks, but do zip codes share the same boundaries as


Zip codes, municipalities, voting districts {we have many: State,
ergo US Senate, US House, State House, County, City, precinct,
school district, special assessment area, etc etc.}, telephone
serving offices and geography ALL have unique boundaries.

Sometime they share the same one -- CO boundaries and others usually
follow say the Mississippi river, for example, but WAIT! The VM-MD
boundary is high-water mark on the VA side. That island under 66?
It has a foot bridge to VA but is in not part of same.

And there are unique voting areas consisting of one house. (As I
recall the story, it's in Hooterville for ALL except the school
district, where it's in Podunk, since there is no road the school
bus can take there...except through Podunk.)

And let's not forget Point Roberts, WA.

Oh, don't forget 'special' zip codes such as 44181 and my favorite
for survey-takers -- 20505.

There are plenty like 44181, which is Cleveland, Ohio's airmail facility,
that don't represent physical locations. Others are 44101, the Cleveland
main post office, and 44072, "Novelty, Ohio" (which doesn't exist as a
municipality, only a post office; it's part of the town of South Russell).

Most ZIP codes do map to geographic locations, though, and even ones like
this aren't too hard to map if you know the area (44181=SW Cleveland by
the airport, 44101=downtown, 44072=South Russell).