FCC Report on 2019 Nationwide Emergency Alert Test

FCC published its 2019 nationwide EAS test report. The issues haven't changed, and some improved.

"With respect to the single largest complication reported from the 2019 nationwide EAS test results – namely, issues with monitoring source failures – FEMA notes that it is actively taking measures to
improve PEP performance going forward. In particular, FEMA has begun working with SECCs in several states to conduct state-level tests on a monthly basis and station-level tests on a weekly basis
through the PEP stations. FEMA emphasizes that continued testing of the PEP stations will improve EAS performance over time, as this testing will help ensure the PEP stations are relaying messages properly through the EAS and allow stakeholders to make ongoing improvements and adjustments as needed."

FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau issues a report on the August 7, 2019 nationwide Emergency Alert System test