FCC: Promoting More Resilient Networks

This month's FCC meeting includes a notice of proposed rulemaking on wireless network resilience cooperative framework, outage reporting, and backup power arrangements.

  What the NPRM Would Do:

     • Seek comment on potential improvements to the voluntary Framework, including evaluating what triggers its activation, its scope of participants, whether existing Framework elements can be strengthened, any gaps that need to be addressed, and whether the public would benefit from codifying some or all of the Framework.

     • Seek comment on ways to enhance the information available to the Commission through NORS and DIRS during disasters and network outages to improve situational awareness.

     • Seek comment on communications resiliency strategies for power outages, including improved coordination between communications service providers and power companies and deploying on-site backup power or other alternative measures to reduce the frequency, duration, or severity of power-related disruptions to communications services.