FCC outage reporting does not expand beyond gulf coast

As Hurricane Ida moved across the eastern part of the country, the FCC did not expand its DIRS reporting. So today's outage reports only includes Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

It does not include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc.

Hurricane Ida death toll: 29 people to date, expected to increase.

Public Safety Answering Points (9-1-1): 3 PSAPs in Louisiana are still re-routing calls.

Average cell site outages (averaging over a large area makes the percentages lower) 25% out of service. Individual counties have 40% to over 73% cell sites out of service in Louisiana.

Cable and Wireline outages

Alabama: 1,119
Louisiana: 448,557
Mississippi: 7,127

The number of customers out of service increased since August 30, likely due to power backup failing and circuits damaged during recovery activities (i.e. clearing poles from roads, cutting trees, etc.)

No reports from other states.

2 TV, 11 FM radio and 4 AM radio stations reported out of service. There may be more, but not required to immediately inform the FCC.

Power status(customers out of service): 925k out in LA, 93k out in PA,
61k out in NJ 35k, out in MS, 31k out in NY