FCC Issues Second Order Mandating Internet Wiretapping Standards

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released a second order reaffirming its decision to require that broadband and certain VoIP services be designed to make government wiretapping easier. This new order was issued despite the fact that a federal appeals court is considering a legal challenge to the FCC's initial decision to extend the "Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act" (CALEA) to the Internet.

In its second order, the FCC imposed new compliance deadlines, but refused to clarify exactly what service providers must do. CDT has led the appeals court challenge, which if successful will overrule the FCC order.


EPIC statement:

Second FCC CALEA order:
Law Enforcement Access to Communications Systems in a Digital Age - Center for Democracy and Technology

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The FBI has been shopping around for "outside plant training" and
basically has said "everyone" (a.k.a. NSPs) has told them "go do it

Nothing in the law says anyone has to make anything easy. When presented
with a warrant, read it. Often times it's wrong and has incorrect info
(I had that happen, told them to go do their homework as a 30 second
internet search would have given them the proper info) and to come back
when they had done their homework. They left, came back with the correct
docs, and proceeded "lawfully".

In short, I play by the rules down to the last darned letter, and they
have far greater obligation to do so. I'm not one to argue with *lawful*
enforcement, but I just hope that if I was such a target, the person at
the door would take 3 minutes to make sure they're not stuffing my
rights in the "round file"