FCC delays meeting 'til Friday....


The Federal Communications Commission delayed its monthly meeting as its chairman worked Wednesday to build support for relaxing rules governing high-speed Internet services offered by phone companies. The meeting, scheduled for Thursday, was pushed back to Friday.



- ferg

Sigh. I have posted a longish essay on Center versus Edge that some here may enjoy dipping into.

If you believe that new jobs new wealth and new opportunity can only be created inside vertical cable co and telco
silos at the center, and that edge based ISPs are like fleas on the elephants back then the duopoly is just what we need.

But John Seely Brown, ex ceo of xerox parc doesn't believe it. He and john Hagel have a new book saying that capabilities for wealth creation are found at the edge. (The title is The Only Sustainable Edge.) If these guys are right, and i think they are, then edge based community owned and operated networks are the only way forward.

My headline is

Where is New Wealth Created? Center or Edge?

If in the Center, then the Duopoly Makes Sense - If at the Edge, We Better Understand How to Build Edge Based and Owned Infrastructure

Why is the US Betting on the Center and the Rest of the World Choosing the Edge?

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