FCC Chief Wants 911 Service for Internet Phones

Prepare for the inevitable.


- ferg

Prepare for the inevitable.

- ferg

The inevitable:

Cellular Phone emergency call handling in Germany

Well its 110 not 911, but tabernak its just the same nonsense.

Aerea "Deathvalley" between Heppenheim (Hessen) and
Laudenbach (Baden-Wuertemberg). The two towns are some 5 KM,
less than 3 miles apart.

Heppenheims sun does not shine over "Deathvalley" there is
no radio contact. Laudenbach is not in charge of "Deathvalley".

The officer told me to disconnect and dial again.

On my hamradio I got help finally - from a french radioamateuer
some 200 km away.

So I guess it would be a good idea to have all european emergency
calls directed to AFRINIC.

Directing all American emergency calls to Australia makes sense.
Emergencies will happen when erverybody is asleep. That is when
sun shines over Australia. I think they are good at handling
things like that. If only they would speak french :slight_smile:

Peter Dambier