FBI InfraGuard program

Has anyone here heard of it or is working with it?

about two years ago i think, or maybe more, we were asked to
participate. something about protecting (monitoring?) national
infrastructure, and of course they were including the internet. i
think someone might have even gone to the free lunch.

we never did end up doing anything with it, i remember thinking that
something about it was cheesy. i do work pretty closely with the FBI
& other Men In Shiny Shoes, so it wasn't just the general distaste for
aiding the feds.

i may even have the orginal info packet in my office somewhere, but
i'm guessing that you have your own similiar package now?

i was a little suprised to hear someone mention it. i guess they are
still recruiting or getting support or whatever it is that they do.
i'm curious about how its going.

whoa, here we go (from a mail folder from 1999):

   recommended that I contact you regarding the
FBI InfraGard Program. We will be having a meeting at the Allegheny
Club at Three Rivers Stadium on 10/21/99 at about 9:30 a.m. with
speakers from FBI Headquarters, a representative from the Cleveland
InfraGard Chapter, CMU CERT Coordination Center and others. The
mission of the InfraGard Program will be discussed along with legal
issues and the viewpoint from private industry.
     The program deals with protection of critical information systems
across the critical infrastructures which support our nation such as
the telecommunications industry, electric power, banking and finance
industry and others. I have attached a registration form for you to
complete if you are interested in attending. I would refer you to our
National Infrastructure Protection Center website at www.nipc.gov for
additional information.

yah, so, i wonder how they are doing these days.

deeann m.m. mikula
director of operations

telerama public access internet

Has anyone here heard of it or is working with it?

Yes and yes.


-bryan bradsby
Texas State Government Net