FBI bust DDoS 'Mafia'

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I'm happy some of these criminals sent to jail!

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Feds bust DDoS 'Mafia' • The Register

I'm happy some of these criminals sent to jail!

You know, here in America, we have this concept called "innocent until
proven guilty". What country are you from?

I shouldn't be feeding a troll but in case this was serious..

Yes America defiantly isn't what it used to be or what it was meant to

However Guantanamo isn't America. Some of them are starting to be tried
now too.

Sklyarov is on bail. Although I think its time he either be tried or
for them to drop it.

But as far America, things need to be changed to restore our civil
rights and other injustices that are going on here.

Yes America defiantly isn't what it used to be or what it was meant to

I hate to be a party pooper here but:

1) We know not every country's politics agrees with everyone else from other countries or even in the same country so we aren't going to get a nice conclusion to this thread...


2) May we return programming to the usual channel now?



I hate to really comment on this as well....but this is old news...the
SecurityFocus report was released a few days ago and anyone who has
actually gotten info from the Southern District of Ohio on the
evidence could easily show that this is more than just a "innocent man
made to look guilty" sort of case, Paul Ashley (ArGG) was the owner of
FooNET / CIT Hosting and he ran all of this right in front of many of
our faces on IRC and I know I personally as well as many others have
been hit by not directly from him but his counter-parts...Joshua
Schichtel (EMP, CIT-Joshua) and Lee Walker (sorCe) I never did get to
find out who Jonathan Hall (Rain) was and I suppose that is a good
thing as the two above caused enough damage...Joshua Schichtel
probably the most...and the ways they are doing this also highly
effects our responsabilities to keep our customers machines clean,
firewalled and virtually not there in the face of the internet...I
wish the great firewall of china actually started filtering this DoS
as it does many other things...lets just start with spam.

As far as civil liberties go...this was a treasonist act where when
you commit treason (If your a citizen such as a couple who are down
there were) you loose all rights, I don't care if your now forced to
live in solitary confinement for 100 years while you wait for your
trial. And those who arn't citizens carried out terrorist attacks and
are now PoW's (Hmmm was Al Quida ever at the Geneva Convention..don't
think so, so they get no rights either) the PoW's are actually treated
better than they would ever be in the home countries.

Lets just go ahead and change the pre-amble right now to read "Life,
liberty and the persuit of all who threaten it" because I am not
backing down to give civil rights and liberties to terrorists...hell
where were our rights when they decided to attack us?

Joshua Brady

Ah.. so that's what Guantanemo bay is about.

sorry, couldnt resist.


Convenient that, isnt it..


The "deal" with Sklyarov was that the charges against him were dropped,
possibly in part due to the large demonstrations we organized against his
arrest. Elcomsoft, his company, was tried, and found not guilty.

What, precisely, is your point?

Welcome to two years ago. The good guys won that case. Where have you


1. Protect the United States from terrorist attack.
2. Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage.
3. Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes.
4. Combat public corruption at all levels.
5. Protect civil rights.
6. Combat transnational and national criminal organizations and enterprises.
7. Combat major white-collar crime.
8. Combat significant violent crime.
9. Support federal, state, county, municipal, and international partners.
10. Upgrade technology to successfully perform the FBI's mission.

So 'cyber crimes' are #3. Who cares about Civil Rights, or Public Corruption, or National Criminal Organization, or Violent Crime. Hell, Like #10 says, someday they might even upgrade their computers.

-- Matthew

(It was a done deal, finished a long time ago, but worth citing in any

Being thrown in jail for 3 weeks (or thereabouts), and held in the
Land of Freedom without allowing to go home (and family) for about 15
months (or so) afterwards doesn't sound something like "innocent until
proven guilty" to me.