FATPipe vs. BGP

Anyone deploy FATPipe boxes yet? Just got through a preso about it, they bill it as a highly survivable VPN solution, but also as a way of getting multiple inbound/outbound/backup pipes to work from multiple providers without having to use BGP.

They actually use DNS with a short TTL (under 10 seconds) to do the failover on inbound. With failover related to TTL, I can guess which way the users want the knob to turn…

My concern is the need for the box to be your primary (authoritative) DNS in this role, with no secondary DNS support (available in the 2.0 release, I was told). No need to tell me how bad of an idea this is, what I’m looking for is actual “by golly, we did it, and this is what we ran into” stories. Especially from multi-site, multi-sub-domain sites.

I bet it is a pain to keep all those primary DNS servers in sync…


Systems Engineer
The Presidio Corporation