FastNetMon 1.1.2 - open source solution for DoS/DDoS mitigation

It's a security tool. So ppl using it want to publicly hide the fact they use it in case you screw up and it contains leaks :wink:

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What about we build a Docker?

Brilliant idea! But in Docker we could offer only sflow and sflow. Port
mirror capture need support from the kernel side. Will try shortly!

You could look into LXD for that type of deployment.

Hello, folks!

Due to huge interest about VM's I have prepared VyOS based ISO image
with FastNetMon:

You could run it with any virtual machine and just aim your
sflow/netflow targets to it! :slight_smile:

Hello, Nanog!

I have speech at ENOG 9 and would like to share my slides there:

Thank you for attention!