False Advertising


We will discuss this offline. I don't think the nanog list is the
appropriate place to ask such a question.

Cyber Connection NOC

A customer of mine owns a cidr block they haven't been using.

They've asked me to advertise it. I note that this block is
being advertised by an ALTERNET customer.

The nic / radb agree with my customer:
B3 Corporation (NETBLK-B3NET-EC)
   2521 W. Arnold St.
   Marshfield, WI 54449

   Netname: B3NET-EC
   Netblock: -

Note that the ``unscrupulous other isp'' has gotten inverse:
   Domain System inverse mapping provided by:


RADB says:
descr: US Cyber (sm)
descr: 2451 W Arnold Street
descr: Marshfield
descr: WI 54449, USA
origin: AS4136
comm-list: COMM_NSFNET
advisory: AS690 1:4136
mnt-by: MAINT-AS4136
changed: nsfnet-admin@merit.edu 950505
source: RADB

But the route is being annouced by ``cyberconnection'' out of AS701.

Ideas? Should I just advertise this and to hell with the backbones?