Fall 97 NANOG update...

At Bill Norton's suggestion, here's a quick summary of facilities for
the Phoenix NANOG:

Besides the normal terminal room, we're also deploying 10 BT ethernet
hubs (300+ ports) and power receptacles accessable from all seats in the
main room. So, bring your laptops (and help us out by bringing ethernet
cables if you can). We'll be using DHCP, but will have a few fixed IP
addresses available if you must. There will be tables around the entire
room for those of you who want to use them (obviously first come
etc...). Steve Stuart from DEC has also offered (thanks Steve) to bring
his Roam-about wireless stuff, so you can make use of that if he has
cards available, or bring your own card and use the network. We're not
sure if the roam-about will reach all of the hotel rooms (it is spread
out like a resort) so we can't promise.

Talking about the hotel, here is some non-technical info:

Some of the reasons we picked the hotel:

It has a well known micro-brew bar.
Cigar room.
Fancy coffees.
24 hour room service.

Weather at this time is great - high season. The hotel has a really nice
swimming pool. Temperatures will be 80s during the day, 50s at night. If
you're coming out earlier, Phoenix has great local hiking and climbing,
golf, etc.

See y'all on the 27th.

Rodney Joffe
Chief Technology Officer
Genuity Inc., a Bechtel company