Failover IPv6 with multiple PA prefixes (Was: IPv6 fc00::/7 - Unique local addresses)

About the only hack I can see that *might* make sense would be that
home CPE does NOT honour the upstream lifetimes if upstream
connectivity is lost, but instead keeps the prefix alive on very
short lifetimes until upstream connectivity returns.

Yep, that's the hack I was getting at.

As a non-technical end-user, once my CPE has got a prefix from my ISP and advertised it to the devices on my LAN, the same prefix should keep working until:

-my ISP assigns a different one
-the end of time

whichever comes first :slight_smile:

Having my PC not be able to talk to my printer any more because my DSL / cable / wimax / whatever has been down for "too long" is not acceptable.


Interresting enough, this is the exact opposite I want to have when only
IPv6 does down on the ISP-side, when IPv4 is still working I would like
to still be able to use that connection (I have experience with that, I
have an IPv6-tunnel at home right now).

As IPv6 is always preferred, otherwise you get all kinds of errors or
delays before getting to the real content.

I say, use a seperate prefix for home-users (maybe let the home-router
generate an ULA one time ?).

Maybe the same for small businesses.

For the enterprise you might want PI (possible not globally routed).
They have the money and incentive.

Or just use IPv4 for internal. Easier to remember (instead of the many
IPv6-bits) and Windows XP needs it for DNS anyway.

Disable zeroconf for IPv6 ?