Failover how much complexity will it add?

So if my requirements are as follows:

- BGP router capable of holding full Internet routing table. (whether I go for partial or full, I think I want something with full capability).

- Capable of pushing 100meg plus of mixed traffic.

What are my options? I want to exclude openbsd, or linux with quagga. Probably looking at Cisco or Juniper products, but interested
in any other alternatives people suggest. I realise this is quite a broad question, but hoping this will provide a starting point. Oh and
if I have missed any specs I should have included above, please let me know.



There are any problems with quagga+BSD/Linux that you know or something like that?

Or in your scenario a "cisco/juniper box" is a requirement?

I'm asking this because I'm always running BGP with upstreams providers using quagga on BSD and everything is fine until now.

Why is that?