Facebook down?


It's not just you! *http://facebook.com* <http://facebook.com/> looks down
from here.

Relevant because of the likely increase in productiviity


Marshall Eubanks

I¹m getting a ton done right now too.. Hasn¹t been working since my first
attempt about 20 minutes ago.


Down here at Ford, Dearborn Michigan

Back up now.

Looks to be back up now

From East coast of Canada down as well.

Was down here too.

But I see the homepage now.

However, http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/facebook.com still shows down. So maybe it is just starting to come up for some?
What I would love to know what happened. :slight_smile:



Thanks for posting. Same here too in NJ.

  I notified our helpdesk to prepare for the 3,000 students who will call in telling us is the "Internet is broken"

Working in NYC!

It's accessible in MA Boston, but runing MTR to facebook on TCP/80 is one
of the uglier readouts I've seen in a long time.

I called 911, they didn't know anything about it.