Facebook contact?

If anyone from Facebook is here, Please contact me.


My apologies all, I meant to say myspace contact

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You're more likely to get a response if you give some indication
of what the issue is; for example, saying "I'm looking for a MySpace
contact because there is an attack coming from their servers that
appears to indicate they may have been compromised" will likely
get you a faster reaction from the security people. Or, if it's a
network issue, saying "I'm looking for a MySpace network contact
because it appears they are announcing the following blocks which
really belong to me, which is causing reachability issues" will more
likely get you a reaction from an appropriate network person.

Without an indication of the nature of the problem, I think you'll find
most people on the list tend to ignore generic requests like this.



I use a VPN from Beijing, where I reside. It's pretty common for myspace to blacklist any IP addresses that they believe belong to crawlers, linkbots, VPN services, etc. This appears to be an automated process. I've never had luck getting any of my VPN IPs unblocked.

Good luck getting in touch with anyone there, the company was just sold to a consortium of celebrities after massive News Corp. layoffs and it's left with walking zombies. I'd be surprised if anyone competent is still left...


I finally made contact using the information at http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/NOC11562-ARIN.html . We were blocked for spamming (but there seemed to be some confusion, as we have, and they asked if we had Makes me wonder if they lookup the RIR allocated blocks before blocking, or assume a /16

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