Facebook broken over v6?

Indeed, I have seen this behaviour for at least a week. It seems to somehow be related to geo-located DNS (akamai?) since the timeouts and RSTs I see in the traffic are from IPv6 akamai servers, not facebook itself.

I tried de-peering from a number of networks to try and isolate it and it was not transit-specific. I stopped questioning my network when I saw a thread on Sixxs and tunnelbroker about this very issue.

Hopefully it won't persist as right now as having Facebook intermittently connect is likely hurting deployment slightly.


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I'll see what I can grab. I've noticed the issue intermittently both at home (HE IPv6 tunnel over VZ Fios) and at work (dual-stacked .edu).


Someone must have yanked the AAAA for www.facebook.com, because I see a
CNAME to star.c10r.facebook.com, which doesn't have an AAAA.

And just like that, the AAAA is back again. =)

I was experiencing problems, and disabling ipv6 seemed to fix it,
and have also been experiencing sometimes slow speeds to google so
didn't know if it was concurrent facebook/google issues (which I
suspected) or a general ipv6 issue.

So I reenabled ipv6, and did tcpdump and it seems to be behaving fine now,
although slightly slower than ipv4 even though ipv6 seems to pick a closer
data centre than ipv4. Both of which are further away than they
used to be. (entry point lax, destination seems to be frc1 for ipv4
and www.v6.facebook.com, and prn1 for ipv6 www.facebook.com.

Is there some url that could run a regular curl to to see if it times out

Another concurrent issue, is it seems images are getting slower and slower
over time. It seems for some reason that https is forced, even if disabled in
profile settings and that cdn usage keeps varying over time, it used to have
urls like photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net but now it seeems to have
fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net. Curiously photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net still looks
up with < 1 msec ping rather then ~190 msec ping.