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Fellow NetOps,

I realize this is an unorthodox / off-topic request, but I've been trying to help a friend out and don't know how to advise her next.

If there is someone from FB here who has connections to someone in account security and is willing to contact me off-list, I'd really appreciate it. A friend had her FB account of many years hijacked and then held for ransom by a random dude. When she asked FB to intercede, she appeared to have her account back for a short time (< 24 hrs) before FB themselves blocked the account, and that's where we are now. It's been over 2 weeks and she has been going round and round with "CS" and getting nowhere...whoever these robots are keep repeating requests for her to send in ID, which she does, and then they repeat the request again and it just goes in a circle. I have a feeling that I know what's going on behind-the-scenes, but we can't seem to get a living, breathing human over there who isn't just reading a script to actually listen to her. Seriously, what is the average person supposed to do under these circumstances?

If this was just the story of a lone FB account I'm not sure I would bother and I'd just tell her to get a new one. But she runs a business (popular local coffee shop) with a FB page that this account of hers was apparently the only admin for.

Thanks in advance for any leads,

Delete fB account ...

Redundancy: it’s not just a concept to be applied to devices and wiring.

It would depend on whether FB is being paid to provide a service or not. However, if "your friend" is not paying FB to provide a service to them then there is really nought that you can do about it. Otherwise, the course of action to be taken will be specified in the contract which was signed by both parties ... and at the very least payment for services which are not being provided should be terminated immediately.

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